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Call-In Event To Support Kai The Hitchhiker

Caleb McGillvary, better known as Kai the Hitchhiker is still locked up after being drugged and assaulted and legally defending himself. Unfortunately, the alleged rapist was friends with prosecutors, judges and police involved in the investigation. Multiple issues have arisen such as <a href="">evidence being tampered with and destroyed and conflicts of interest</a>. Kai has had motions filed for over two years which have yet to be heard. It will be 5 years with no trial by 2018 and up until earlier this year, that time was spent in solitary confinement with only one hour a day out of his cell to exercise.

January 1, 2017, a new law passed in New Jersey. If they fail to bring someone to trial in 18 months charges can be dismissed. Unfortunately, this only applies to those who were charged and arrested after January 1, 2017. The detention represents a serious violation of the 6th and 14th amendment The 14th amendment states that all persons under the jurisdiction of the United States are entitled to equal protection under the law and the 6th amendment guarantees the right to a speedy and fair trial.

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In order to make a difference, the <a href="">Kai Legal Support Page</a> is scheduling a day for people to call the new governor of New Jersey, Bill Murphy, the White House, US District Court for New Jersey on March 14, 2018. If you're interested you can also help by <a href="">contributing to the fundraiser</a>.


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Anonymous No. 20077 2018-03-07 : 19:38

Sounds like, from the story, an elitist family is pulling the strings.

Maybe the ACLU will get interested IF it ain't one of their big donors☺

Macs No. 20279 2018-03-11 : 00:51

Can people from other countries call the people stated or will it be only US citizens that can call the people

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