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Update - Russian Models Sell Girlfriend (18) As Sex Slave: The Plot Thickens (Video)

As we told you earlier (see our related coverage), two Russian models were arrested at a Moscow airport yesterday for trying to sell an 18-year-old girlfriend of theirs to a Middle Eastern businessman (who remains at this point unknown).

The girls were arrested before boarding a flight to Turkey and the Russian police have now released further details.

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The Russian Ministry of Justice spokeswoman Ms Irina Volk said: “Detectives from the Russian Interior Ministry and transport police detained two women, aged 22 and 19, suspected of selling an 18-year-old woman for the purpose of sexual exploitation in a Middle East country.”

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“The suspects were detained at the moment of receiving a payment of 1.5 million roubles.”

The two beauty queens, Miss Ksenia Starikova (22 years old) and Miss Tatiana Petrova (19 years old) exclaimed their innocence to the gathered police force, saying that they had an agreement both with the girl and the buyer and therefore did nothing wrong.

In a Russian police video that has since been released, one of the beauty pageant contestants admits she knows the teenage student she is accused of trying to sell whilst maintaining she was acting on her request

Ksenia Starikova: “I came here in order to bring together a young girl, my friend, who asked me to introduce her to a man who would help her to sell her virginity.”

Ms Starikova was a finalist for Miss Russia 2017. She recently got divorced from her military husband and is left alone as a single mother with a 14-month-old daughter. Meanwhile her girlfriend Ms Petrova is a Russian-Bulgarian model who was a finalist in the Top Russia International 2018 beauty contest.

Both girls remain in police custody at this point.


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