By: Major James Burdock | 03-28-2017 | News

Italian Lawmakers Debate

A proposed law that would force companies to offer three paid days off each month to working women is gaining traction. The policy would be directed at women with painful periods. It is unclear how that will be determined or if women suffering from menopause will be included in the bill.The Italian Marie Claire praised the effort as an "a standard-bearer of progress and social sustainability." Some health experts agree. They cite that women who suffer from debilitating cramps should be afforded consideration as this affects their work performance.Others find the concept would hurt women and their struggle for equality. The argument being that companies would be more reluctant to hire women if the law was in place. One in four Italian women gets fired just before or after getting pregnant, according to the Italian National Institute for Statistics.Feminist writer Miriam Goi argues that such a measure could backfire. It would fuel the belief that women are more emotional than men and therefore require special treatment. In a country that has one of the lowest percentages of females in the workforce, this law could bring that percentage even lower.The bill was presented to Parliament on March 13th and could become law in by the end of next month.Menstrual leave is already a legal in South Korea and Japan. Several private American companies, such as Nike have also made the practice company policy.

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