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Trump Admin Sues California Over ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Laws that Protect Illegals

The Trump administration is suing California to nullify three states' ‘sanctuary cities’ laws it says interfere with immigration enforcement and violate the Constitution. The White House has always believed said laws extend protections for immigrants living in the country illegally.

The U.S. Department of Justice will lodge the lawsuit that will single out statutes that restrict state and local law enforcement entities, as well as private employers, from sharing information about undocumented immigrants with federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement. California state laws prevent police from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities. There’s also another law that gives protection against workplace raids.

The lawsuit says the three California state laws it finds contentious undermine federal immigration law, block immigration authorities from carrying out their tasks, and are unconstitutional.

The Department of Justice says the state statutes are preempted by federal law and violate the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, under which a state’s authority is mandated to be subordinate to the federal government.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed in Sacramento federal court on Tuesday. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also set to tackle the lawsuit against California in a speech he will give at a law enforcement conference in Sacramento. Sessions is expected to announce to law enforcement agents that they are filing the lawsuit also on their behalf, to make their jobs safer and to help them “reduce crime in America.”

Trump has previously described California as a “disgrace, the sanctuary city situation.”

California became a sanctuary state in October, along with a number of its cities and counties. California has always refused to help federal agents detain and deport undocumented immigrants. ICE agents have nonetheless targeted California with raids. Late last month, the agency announced that it had apprehended more than 230 immigrants in a four-day operation across Northern California.


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Anonymous No. 20012 2018-03-07 : 04:52

I hope police crack these hippies heads in!!!

Anonymous No. 20032 2018-03-07 : 13:46

Yes we may all be real Americans (South, Central & North) by using a broader definition.


May be some of these Illegals should look at the Immigration laws their own countries have ..

Like the 2018 Mexico Immigrant law.

and many others.

Google "Mexico citizenship requirements"

Which requires LEGAL residency for ____ YEARS prior to applying.


Belize (English official language) that has even INCOME requirements to keep freeloaders out.

Anonymous No. 20036 2018-03-07 : 14:07

Just to add, the Canuks also require the ability to support yourself and family at a minimum and one of he ways to get in is to invest a nice chunk of change in their markets.

Us silly Americans are willing to pack our country with a bunch of mudslimes with zero plans of fitting in to our culture, no way to support themselves let alone the 6 kids. Oh yea and the one that hasn't popped yet that they decided to have while in a camp somewhere.

Yes I feel for the children but their parents are ruined and we cannot help everybody.

Anonymous No. 20083 2018-03-07 : 20:15

You wanna help these people? Go to where they came from and do it.

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