By: Major James Burdock | 03-28-2017 | News

House to Vote on ISP's Selling Customer Data

Internet Service Providers want to sell your browsing history and habits without your consent. And it's now being voted on the U.S. House of Representatives. There was a joint resolution in the Senate last week with a 50-48 vote. If the resolution passes, all that is needed is President Trump's signature to make the practice legal.It is well known that many unethical Internet Service Providers have been doing this for over a decade. This resolution would allow them to openly exploit and sell their customer's meta-data; information collected about buying habits, whereabouts , and any trace left behind a person's use of the Internet.The FCC already has an obligation to prevent Internet providers from selling this data. An advocacy group, for the industry known as CTIA is backing the measure. They claim this is in the spirit of "seeking a common-sense and harmonized approach to protecting Americans' privacy." Privacy advocates are obviously outraged. Kate Tummarello, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said that if enacted, the new rule would be a crushing loss for online privacy. The concept of monetizing privacy is a nightmare scenario for organizations such as the EFF and other privacy advocates.

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