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Photo credit: Houston Police

Texas- Sergeant Accused of Raping Woman at Galena Park Hotel

Court documents reveal that a former Precinct 6 sergeant from Houston, Texas has been charged with sexual assault. The officer has been accused of raping a woman at a Galena Park hotel last year.

The officer has been identified as 49-year-oldd Edward Joe Mata who met the victim through mutual friends.

Shortly after being introduced by their friends, Mata and the woman started texting back and forth. The exchange of mobile messages turned sexual and the two newly-acquainted adults agreed to meet at a Galena Park hotel in the 2500 block of Clinton Drive on October 29.

The woman said in her testimony to the authorities that the door to the room was unlocked when she arrived. She entered the room, and she and Mata then sat on a couch and started talking. She said that Mata was still wearing his official uniform at that time, and that she could smell alcohol on him.

Court documents also reveal that the woman said Mata continually put her hand on his leg which made her feel uncomfortable while they were talking. The woman asked the officer to stop, but Mata only continued and suddenly just grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. Mata then forcefully kissed her by putting his mouth overs hers, with the intention of also preventing her from screaming.

Court documents further narrate that Mata then threw her on the couch face down and spread her legs apart. He then pinned her arms with one hand and took her clothes off with the other. Mata went on to rape the woman.

The woman said she was only able to leave the hotel when Mata fell asleep.

Mata in his voluntary statement to authorities gave a different version on “what happened.” He said they agreed to meet at the Regency Inn after exchanging flirty messages on their mobile phones. Mata told investigators that as soon as they got to the hotel, they both their clothes off, started kissing on the bed and had consensual sex in the room. He also claimed that they both fell asleep after and the woman left in the morning. Mata also provided a swab for his DNA.

Lab reports suggest that Mata’s DNA could not be excluded from vaginal swabs taken during the victim’s sexual assault kit.

Mata has not been employed with the precinct since February 28. It is not clear if he was fired, or he resigned from the post, and if such decision on his or the precinct’s part was motivated by the charges against him.


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Anonymous No. 20085 2018-03-07 : 20:20

Cops in prison for rape don't fend to well

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