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No Police Investigation Into Man Who Shot Himself By White House

The roommates of a man who fatally shot himself outside the White House are asking questions saying it has been four days since the man's death but his apartment still remains untouched by investigators as of Tuesday. They say they have not been questioned by police and didn't even know their roommate had died.

In Cameron Ross Burgess' bedroom, an empty handgun case sat on the unmade bed in his Gainesville, Florida apartment. Burgess shared the apartment with two others on a tree-lined street just a few short blocks from the University of Florida campus. His roommates say he worked at the University where he helped children who were victims of abuse.

There were at least nine rounds still inside the deceased Burgess' gun case. One of the roommates, Justin Ford, said he was distraught when he found out his roommate had killed himself through an Associated Press article. Ford said he was texting Burgess for days about rent but received no reply.

There was little coverage of Burgess' death and Ford had not even heard that shots were fired outside the White House. "I must have seen him four days ago or something," he said. "Sometimes he would just leave and go on a camping trip or something." Ford took a reporter inside Burgess' room and was shocked to find the gun case laying on the bed.

Ford described his former roommate as a quite, 6-foot-2, bearded man who was both gentle and generous since he moved in last August. "I had no idea about him having a gun," Ford added. According to police, Burgess fired several shots outside the White House on Saturday before he turned the gun on himself in front of dozens of bystanders.

Both President Trump and the first Lady Melania Trump were both in Florida at the time of the shooting. An attorney named A.C. Frieden who was visiting Washington Saturday said he was with his wife at the North fence of the White House grounds shortly before two or three gunshots rang out.

"There was no yelling, no screaming. No verbal announcement of any kind. Just the shooting," Frieden described. "That was what was so odd about it." The Metropolitan Police Department says they responded to gunshots outside the White House and found Burgess with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head.

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