By: Lilly Pie | 03-28-2017 | News
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Obama Spied On Trump: Evelyn Farkas

Being in power, especially in charge of the great country of America and all their military might, is a position that is not without temptations. One of those temptations is to abuse your power and use it for your own agendas or personal gain. That is exactly what we are seeing now from the democratic party. A loose and sloppy spy campaign against Trump was apparently ordered by Obama and his administration. Thinking that Trump would never be in power, and a democratic victory was a sure thing, the Democratic party conducted an operation to spy on Donald Trump. More and more defectors from the Democratic party are coming forward to try and gain favor with the latest administration and avoid jail time. Evelyn Farkas is the latest in a list of people coming forward regarding illegal monitoring of now President Trump.

Evelyn Farkas was involved in an illegal spy operation centered around monitoring Donald Trump himself and finding out everything there is to know about everyone around him. She claims Obama himself ordered these covert investigations and was aware of the questionable methods used to attain any intelligence surrounding Trump they could get. Most people are starting to realize the reality of Obama, and that is that he is a human just like anyone else and has been involved in scandalous, shady acts such as this one. Those working with Farkas used FISA warrants based on false pretenses, they said they needed to tap Trump tower because of Russians which is now an obvious lie and simply provided the means for Obama to circumvent the law and manipulate it to his ends.

Obama would not be the first president to use his office as a means of personal and political gain. It is a temptation that we expect to befall any person in such a position of power. The only question now is what will President Trump and his administration do with this knowledge and if or how they will move forward with prosecution for those involved. The pieces are slowly coming to light and there is not much else left to deny regarding the incidents of false FISA warrants and phone taps.


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