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RINOs Steer Stealth Strike On Trump Steel Tariffs

The concerted attack from all sides on President Trump’s tariff plan has gone from the floor of the Congress (see our earlier coverage) to the pages of the national press in recent days.

The latest hit piece in Vox today in which the elected head of state is referred to as “lazy and uninformed” when it comes to matters of steel and aluminum is both surprising and simply farfetched knowing that the person it speaks of is highly regarded for his business acumen in matters of real estate which he gathered over a timespan of three decades.

A further example is shown today in Mr Michael Bloomberg’s website which is running an editorial (entitled ‘who gains from Trump tariffs’) trying to convince their highly influential business readership that the only one coming out on top from all this would ultimately be China.

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This is a questionable statement knowing that the EU Commission decided in April 2017, some ten months ago, to levy ‘anti-dumping’ duties on imports of hot-rolled flat steel products from China at a higher rate than those already in place, angering Beijing.

Whereas Mr Trump proposed some 25% import tariff taxes on steel, the EU bloc of 28 member states set duties of between 18 and 36 percent for five years for various Chinese producers.

European steel producers welcomed the move and the EU has seen its economic GDP grow since then at the greatest pace of the last decade.

Lastly, on 23 January of this year, Mr Trump greatly delighted the American workers of Whirlpool when announcing he would impose tariffs of 20% on foreign washing machines.

At the time, the Chairman of Whirlpool, Mr Jeff Fettig stated that: "This announcement caps nearly a decade of litigation and will result in new manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee." There were no concerted attacks against the President at that time, only applause.

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Given that these attacks from all sides (whether in stealth form or via direct hit) seem to be far greater than at any time in the past, it is safe to assume they must be concerted by a higher interest.

We here at, therefore, think POTUS just might be on to something and urge him to hang in there.


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