By: Lilly Pie | 03-28-2017 | News
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Muslim Pushes Russian Teen in Front of a Speeding Train

A 20 year old Russian girl named Amanda was violently pushed in front of a train Monday night by an Iranian Muslim man. Reports confirm the two did not know each other and the exact reason for this violent attack is still unknown. Interrogations are still underway with the perpetrator but the victim of the crime did not survive her injuries. The incident is not an isolated event, just a few days ago in London a police officer was stabbed in an apparent terror attack at the UK Parliament. The policeman has since died of his injuries. Another knife attack occurred just last year at a French resort where a mother and her three daughters aged between 8 and 14 were stabbed by Muslim man Mohamed Boufarkouch for being 'too scantily dressed' for his liking. The young girls were reported to be wearing tshirts and shorts at the beach resort at the time of the stabbing.

Islam has been described as being 400 years behind every other religion. The fact that children are indoctrinated into this hateful religion in kindergarten results in millions of individuals who are taught to think like barbarians. They are told at a young age they are to murder their fellow humans who are 'infidels' for not believing the same thing they do. Although there is a nearly equal amount of violence in the Christian bible as there is in the Koran, the modern day form of Christianity does not teach its followers to act on it and has evolved into a modern version where its followers are not told to commit murder. The same cannot be said about Islam as the event in Berlin tonight has shown yet again.

The rigid Islamic ideology is changing the European culture as it is being flooded with immigrants and refugees practicing Shariah law. These types of attacks are growing in frequency and just like the attack tonight on the Russian girl Amanda, they may come suddenly and without warning. It could happen at anytime to anyone of us. It is important to recognize a real threat when it presents itself and always be aware of your surroundings no matter how routine things may seem such as catching a train. Sadly, Amanda does not get to go home tonight as she was violently murdered by a man she never met and never saw coming.


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