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French President Macron Admits Italy Election Result Linked To Immigration

France and Germany, the driving forces of the Eurozone, have taken a hard long look at the Italian election result where the populists of the 5-star-movement and the Lega Nord are the clear winners of the election, and decided that even though it makes for an uncomfortable situation (especially for the EU Commission) they will need to cooperate with either one of them in the coming months.

French President Emmanuel Macron was the first to admit that the election result was clearly linked to the fact that Italy has had to deal with the immigrants arriving from Africa alone in recent months and years, as the other European countries put up walls and fences to stem the stream of immigrants fleeing the Syrian war.

Mr. Macron stated that: "Today Italy has undoubtedly suffered from the pressure it has been living under for months and months, including a context of strong migratory pressure. We have to bear that in mind."

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Germany reacted via it’s EU spokesman for Chancellor Merkel, Mr. Steffen Seibert, who stated that: "Italy is a profound friend and partner and we hope for a stable government for the good of the country and Europe."

Forming an Italian government will be a hard bargain now that the Anti-Euro party of the 5-star-movement won in the South of the country while the Lega Nord (in coalition with the Forza Italia of Mr. Berlusconi) won in the North.

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Both of them know they need one more partner to form a government and this is where the ruling government party of the leftwing PD comes in handy. Although they lost, they now seem to have been dealt a good hand to make a deal with either of the two winners of these elections.


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