By: Latreese Simpson | 03-28-2017 | News
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Court Bars Bundy Ranch Attorney Larry Klayman From Defending Clive Bundy

Most of the country will remember the recent hostile takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January of 2016 led by Ammon Bundy. The ranch owner and several others took over the bird sanctuary in Oregon to force attention to their believe that the Bureau of Land Management is obligated to hand over federal public lands to the state. The protest came about by armed men led by Bundy forcing entry onto the sanctuary and staying there until they were forced to leave. One protester was even shot in the ensuing after math but the last of the protesters was talked out of the sanctuary and taken into custody peacefully.

With the Bundy trials going forward for Amon and his father Clive, a recent development has come to light. Judge Navarro has refused to allow the nationally acclaimed lawyer Larry Klayman to defend the elder Bundy in court. This trial is set to begin in May but Klayman will not be allowed to defend Clive Bundy in the high profile case. The decision was brought about by unfinished actions against the lawyer in Washington, D.C. based on "ethical disciplinary proceedings". Judge Navarro has taken additional measures in barring any copies of the U.S. Constitution from being allowed in the Federal Courtroom.

This strange action is a testament to the emotional involvement of all parties involved even down to the judge on the case refusing to allow even visitors to the courtroom to have a copy of the constitution in their purse. Furthermore the Jury is not even allowed to look at the constitution according to Redoubt news.*

The U.S. Constitution has played a major role in the protests by the Bundy's and they have cited them on many occasions. To an outsider this certainly appears to be a biased and un-American thing for a judge to do and one has to question the Bundy's rights to a fair trial and whether they will get on in this case going forward. Certainly an important piece of American history should not be barred from entering a courtroom, somewhere the very constitution is meant to protect.


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