By: Savannah Smith | 03-06-2018 | News
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Michigan- Elderly Man Allegedly Abused by Staff of Nursing Home

Nursing home staff members tasked to take care of an elderly man in a nursing home in Livonia, Michigan are being accused of abusing him instead. Local media obtained a video showing the said abuse.

The video clip allegedly shows a woman beating and cursing at an elderly man inside the Autumnwood of Livonia. The elderly man has been identified as Husein Younes and his son, Salim Younes claims that his father was the one in the video abused by the staff members of the said nursing home.

Younes expressed outrage for what he said was done to his elderly father. He said: “What happened to me and my dad and my family is unbearable.”

The son said the abuse was not something that just happened, or a one-off thing. Neither did the man’s family just accidentally stumbled on it. Younes said that his father started complaining to him about the abuse as early as 2015.

That’s when the son took “matters into his own hands.” Younes said the family devised a way to put a hidden camera in a clock, an alarm clock next to their father’s bed, to see and catch what was going on.

Younes said that what he saw in the recorded video made him “sick to the stomach.”

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The footage shows a woman who appears to be a nurse grab Younes’ father and slap him in the head, then the woman tossed him in the bed. Another clip also shows a different aide rolling the elderly man into a closet.

The man’s family is suing Autumnwood. The family’s attorney, Jonathan Marko, also believes the actions of the staff members are racially-motivated. Marko describes the man as an “elderly Lebanese gentleman who was born and grew up in Lebanon.” Marko added: “He’s an Arab-American , and because of that he was targeted as this nursing home and horribly abused.”

Lawyers for the Autumnwood of Livonia said in a released statement that the nursing home took the necessary actions immediately after they were informed of the family’s complaint. The lawyers said their client launched an internal investigation into the matter, and reported the allegations to the state survey agency that regulates nursing homes, and also reported the case to local police department “consistent with state and federal regulations.”

The statement also said that the employees identified in the video have already been terminated. The lawyers also claim that the family only showed them the video in May 2016 with “a demand for payment of monetary damages.”


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Lola No. 19948 2018-03-06 : 07:58

This is happening in ALL medical facilities when there are no witnesses. Hospitals have become torture chambers for some of us. I refuse medical care due to it. They have the power to kill me. I am a 27 year medical support staff worker.

Anonymous No. 19972 2018-03-06 : 17:01

Scares the shit out of me. I have older friends with no children and I am going to be in the same boat someday. The last place I want them or myself is in one of these torture clubs.

I have already convinced him not to donate his body to science after sending him the article about the cold storage with frozen human remains piled up covered in flies found in Detroit.

Anonymous No. 20005 2018-03-07 : 04:13

This is what happens when u hire niggers n these fat spics to do medical and nursing jobs… How's that civil rights act working!!?

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