By: Earnest Jones | 03-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sky News

IS Brainwashes Boys To Become Lethal Militias : Promise Of Virgins In Paradise

The IS terror group has gone to the extremes of recruiting young boys. In one of the propaganda videos released by IS, young boys are seen running through a warehouse as they kill handcuffed men.

The terror group has been producing many awful propaganda video. However, the latest is said to be the worst. The videos show young boys being trained to fight in a warehouse.

The boys are dressed in black combat and masks. The videos are an example of standard propaganda that every terror group films. However, the video shows handcuffed men running from room to room, Implying that its real. The young boys are seen hunting the men in the warehouse.

The men are filled with fear, they are heard screaming and begging. The boys hunt them down and kill them. The pain is glorified in what appears to be a barbaric act. The boys have been brainwashed.

The IS terror group has been capturing the boys and detaining them in camps. They pose a great threat now that the chaos of the Mosul battle has been ongoing. Reports indicate that many of them are on the loose.

The boys are treated very well, they spend their time praying and trying to learn how to read. One of the videos shows one of them using a dictionary. Most of them were reluctant to join the Islamic State. They have been groomed by IS members to take up the challenge of Jihad and as a result, martyrdom.

One of the boys revealed that he is 12-years-old. He admits that he is a member of the terror group. His grooming took six to seven months. He revealed that one of his friends told him to accompany him. His friend showed him photos in an attempt to convince him.

He told him that the IS group would give him a weapon, a car, a wife ,and that he would get virgins in paradise. Mahmoud revealed that the IS brainwashed him and took him.

Mahmoud revealed that the terror group showed them how a suicide bomber goes and explodes himself. The use of booby-traps and how they are exploded.

The IS group also showed the boys how weapons were dismantled, how they can hit an armored vehicle. The ideal places to shoot on the windshield of a hummer to hit it and break it, which angle to shoot. Mahmoud also pointed out that he was terrified at what he was being exposed to. He wanted to leave the terror group. However, IS would not let him go. As a result, they punished him.

The punishment was grueling. He revealed that he was put in prison with no food or water. They terror group only gave him one loaf and one bottle of water. The meal was supposed to sustain him from sunrise to sunset. The group also whipped and tortured him. However, Mahmoud managed to endure the pain after which he quit.


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