By: Latreese Simpson | 03-27-2017 | News
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Wiretapping Panics Democrats: Devin Nunes, R-Calif May Testify

The "Russian Probe", the current investigation in to President Trump's alleged Russian ties, has grown even more ludicrous and drawn along partisan lines as the Republican Chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif. was asked to "recuse himself from any further involvement" in the investigation by the ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif on Monday.

This attack against the Republicans occurred in response to an acknowledgement from Rep. Nunes that revealed that he had received classified information alleging that the US Intelligence Community had collected information on Trump transition officials and possibly even the President himself, which the Democrats claim Nunes did not disclose to them.

Nunes defended his position by stating that " Congress has not been given this information, these documents, and that's the problem". The undertone that I feel is implied is that the Intelligence Agencies routinely operate as if they are above the law and do not themselves disclose to Congress or the President the clandestine activities that they engage in.

This is exactly why President Trump has called out the Intelligence agencies, and exactly why they and the elite are trying to attack Trump and Conservatives in general with this ridiculous investigation in to Donald Trump.

The truth is, they are afraid of the changes coming to our Country!

Does anybody remember the Iran-Contra affair? The CIA was using money from smuggling and selling cocaine in our country to smuggle arms to a violent revolutionary army!

And yet, even after getting caught, they are allowed free reign in their clandestine activities.

When the surveillance state is spying on the President, a president-elect, or even just a political candidate running for office does nobody else feel like there is the potential for abuse? For blackmail? For classified information to be improperly distributed to those in the intelligence community?

Nunes has delayed a public hearing with the directors of the CIA and National Intelligence, which was scheduled for Tuesday and instead has called the Directors of the FBI and NSA in to a closed session to explain the new information.

If you ask me, it sounds like they are about to have to start answering to the President instead of spying on him, as they should!

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