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Hungary ‘Ready To Fight' UN, Billionaire George Soros' Mass Migration Plans

It's a common misconception that Europeans will go quietly into the night as their continent is continually flooded with Islamic invaders from the Middle East and Africa, and Hungary is leading the charge against globalist billionaire George Soros and the United Nations premeditated organization of global mass-migration.

Americans and Europeans alike have denounced George Soros, and his Open Societies Foundation efforts to flood the world with uneducated, savage, and uncivilized conquerors, but the endless cash from his ventures continue to pour into the ventures which wish to destroy a national identity, and it's increasingly becoming obvious to the masses as to what the endgame of this plan actually is: flooding society with less resistance so that globalists have complete control.

Hungary has introduced what it calls a "12-point proposal" in response to the "Global Compact for Migration," that the nation says is "dangerous" to the free world.

"If these 12 points, in which the Government summarises its position, are not included in the package, Hungary will not be in a position to support the adoption of the Compact," Foreign Secretary Peter Szijjártó said. "The goal of the proposal is to ensure that the security of the Hungarian people can continue to be guaranteed in future. The government and the governing parties are ready to fight this battle."

Hungary's document is titled "Security First," which promotes challenging the idea that mass immigration is somehow "beneficial," am argument George Soros has often made when pressuring his puppet nations of the UN to follow his lead.

The Fidesz Party, the ruling party of Hungary, said that all international efforts should be aligned in trying to stop mass immigration versus facilitating their efforts to continue the spread of such dangerous risks from the people coming into Europe in which they do not belong, a sentiment that mirrors that of the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

The proposal argues, "With respect to the rules of international law, international organizations must make it clear that migration is not a basic human right. Nobody can independently decide which country to live in while ignoring national regulations and international law."

Mass immigration is by no means a "human right," and when the nation of origin their monsters are coming from are in chaos, it makes little to no sense to allow them to come into a civilized county and attack the infrastructure and society which already exists.

In Germany, the unpopular Chancellor Angela Merkel is already struggling with "no-go zones" for the German people, where they risk being raped or murdered due to the barbarians in which they let into their nation with open arms.

Sweden is already lost, with cowardly, virtue-signaling leaders having put the interests of Islamic invaders before that of their own people, and they're on the verge of being genocided in their homeland.

Hungary suggests that sending refugees as close to their place of origin is crucial to securing its own country, and with such passion about driving the "migrants" out of Europe, Hungarians hope to inspire a nationalist revival inside the European Union.

It remains unclear as to how George Soros can avoid the numerous bounties on his head by nationalist leaders all across the globe, but no doubt anything is approved of is comprised of a hate-filled sense of evil, with zero intention of supporting the people's best interest.

Political Capital, a Budapest-based "think tank" financed by George Soros, has blasted the Hungarian message.

Edit Zgut, a foreign policy analyst at Political Capital said, "Hungary wishes to expand its anti-Western freedom fight to the multilateral level by actually blocking the EU's unified stance on the United Nations Migration Compact."

No doubt the anger from Soros will spark massive, and well-funded protests of the Hungarian stance on the matter

"With Trump taking the United States out of the talks in spectacular fashion, the EU became the leading force of developed countries both symbolically and literally," Edit Zgut said. "In this situation, it would be an especially negative development if Hungary alone would weaken this unified opinion for the negotiations."

Hungarian Chief Security Adviser György Bakond has told state media that an unnamed NGO backed by Soros is also supplying literature to migrants that instructs them on the best methods and pathways for reaching European soil, as well as directions how to deceive authorities and elude border security systems.

"This is damaging, dangerous, and could have major internal security repercussions," Bakondi said. "The mass illegal immigration we are facing is not spontaneous, but is being managed in an organized manner."

Neither the United States of America nor the Hungarian or Polish resistance is willing to give in to the UN-backed, Soros-funded global migration efforts, and it continues to enrage the billionaire in the meantime.

George Soros, and those like him, must be stopped at any cost. It appears Hungary may be the nation to do it.

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Stella Hall No. 19922 2018-03-05 : 19:59

George Soros is a truly evil person who destroys countries just for entertainment! Does anyone know how wealthy he is & how he makes his money? He must b stopped by any means necessary! He is working to sestroy U S but we elected Trump who he is trying to destroy'

joeramond No. 19938 2018-03-06 : 03:22

people better pull tbeir heads out cause georgie boy aint going to stop till hes dead! its happening in usa and tbeir just settinv around investigating it! thats all they do! jnvestigate!

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