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1 Year After Mocking Trump, NY Times Admits Sweden Has Major Crime Problems

On 19 February 2017, as the mainstream media was mocking US President Trump for whatever he did during his first days in office, the newly elected head of state gave a speech for his supporters, during which he mentioned how bad things were in Sweden as they had ‘taken in large numbers’ of immigrants.

The next day, all the world’s mainstream media headlines shouted about how wrong he had been and how he was inventing things.

6 weeks later, on 7 April 2017, a confirmed ISIS recruit rammed a truck into a crowd in the Swedish capital Stockholm resulting in five deaths. The mainstream media never mentioned Mr Trump’s speech again.

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Fast forward one year to this weekend, and just as Italy saw a strong swing to the right (after France, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic all did the same), the New York Times in a long piece of its weekend edition entitled “Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class,” kind of admitted that Sweden has some major problems which might just be linked to immigration there.

The New York Times (3 March 2018) wrote: Even President Trump weighed in on the issue, saying that after taking in “large numbers” of immigrants, Sweden was “having problems like they never thought possible.”

We will admit that the NYT is doing their best to try and not link it to immigration, stating that 24% of the street gangs were ethnic Swedes.

However, allow us to point out that (1) this also means 76% of the street gang members are non-ethnic Swedes and (2) the persons they have interviewed for background information are originally from Lebanon and Chile, with the Chilean gentleman (who had moved to Sweden in 1985) “had complained that he did not feel safe in his neighborhood”. I hope you can admit that is quite the change after 30 years in peaceful Sweden.

Furthermore, in the article, Mr Appelgren of the Stockholm police is quoted: “I think we’re going to see, if we don’t stop it, more drive-by shootings with Kalashnikovs and hand grenades.”

“They throw rocks and bottles at our cars, and they trick us in an ambush. When will it happen that they ambush us with Kalashnikovs? It’s coming.”


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