By: Latreese Simpson | 03-28-2017 | News
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Paris Riots Again. The French Take to The Street

This rioting in France by refugees that continue to attempt to erode our values, traditions, and way of life in civilized areas is out of control. They do every time they get upset about their government doing what it needs to do. Obama let things spiral out of control by pulling our troops from the Middle East while the area is still so unstable. The reports out of France today are typical of the idiot liberal media – quick to blame President Trump and his administration for this too, even though there is never evidence to back their ridiculous claims.

These heathens are out there looting and setting fires, because their delicate sensibilities have been offended. Some of them think that the police should just roll over and let criminals kill them instead of defending themselves when they are attacked. These people are so ignorant. Most of the people you see in the videos coming out of France are just using this incident as an excuse to loot and pillage and steal for themselves the things they won't work for. And the leftists will just eat it up with a spoon and say there is racial bias and try to turn everyone against conservatives. This isn't about conservatives. It isn't about Russia. It is about lazy immigrants who want everything handed to them instead of having to work for it.

But we all know who will be lambasted in the press over this. It won't be the people rioting in the streets to blame, it will be the police. It will be conservative media for daring to stand up and say enough is enough. Do blue lives not matter as much as black, or yellow, or Muslim, or whoever the liberals want to use as their prop to push their agenda? No, they will paint us as this great threat to "innocent" lives, like we are all just gun-wielding maniacs. But they don't understand the risk we are really facing. It's time we take stronger matters into our own hands with these jihadists. We need to go after them, hit them where it hurts, before we end up with another 9/11.

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Sue No. 1990 2017-03-28 : 00:28

Europe may have waited too long to acknowledge what most reasonng people on the planet have know for years….ISIS got birthed and grew by the EU wearing blinders…the penalty they are and will pay is awesome and they will lose their freedom, way of life and blood will be feet deep…

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