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ISIS To Be Defeated Within Weeks Says Iraqi Prime Minister

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi states that he feels ISIS will be eradicated from Iraq within the week due to ongoing military operations. Al Abadi stated that the Iraqi people do not support ISIS and want to get rid of the country’s extremist group permanently. He stated that the people of Iraq are committed to coming together and being a democratic nation and gave examples of their elections occurring despite the significant differences between the Sunni, Shai, and Kurdish populations.

He also indicated that while he does not feel that President Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS , around the world is ready and he strongly feels that he can more readily work with President Trump than former President Barack Obama. During his statement on Fox News he stated that former President Obama had no desire to be involved in Iraq ,but that current and President Trump has no concerns.

However, Al Abadi also makes it clear that while he feels that Iraqi's can defeat ISIS they will still need assistance from the United States in the coming years. He indicates that he does not view this help from the United States as aide ,but as the responsibility of an allied country to participate in the rebuilding of the country.

This is an interesting point of view given the number of troops remaining in Iraq, the amount of U.S. military support that the country still requires, and the help that Al Abadi seems to be requesting. He took great exception to President Trumps suggestion that the United States is entitle to Iraqi oil as payment for what we have done for their country. However, Al Abadi should recognize that the United States has provided and continues to provide substantial support for his country. Al Abadi should remember that the United States continues to provide military support to do what the Iraqi military is incapable of doing and U.S. military support to train the Iraqi military to fight their own battles. This comes at a great cost to the United States and while we may be allies ,United States should not be expected to further deplete it's resources if Iraq is as capable as Al Abadi seems to think they are.

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