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Former VP Joe Biden Regrets Not Being President

Democrats continue to suffer with the "what could have beens" of their 2016 U.S. presidential election destiny. First, of course, there was Hillary Clinton who can not accept her defeat from President Donald Trump. She went on an endless blame game, accusing Russia, FBI, etc. of damaging what could have been her victory. Then there was Bernie Sanders who felt he probably would have given Trump a better fight than Hillary. Possibly, who knows?

Then comes former vice president Joe Biden now who said in a lecture that he would have the 2016 Presidential Election. If he ran, that is. Biden said he regrets not being president. After all, it would have been nice for him to succeed his friend and ally Barack Obama. They, after all, have the best "bromance" going in politics the past years.

The 74-year old Democrat said in a lecture at Colgate University on Friday that it is unfortunate that his son's illness kept him from running in the primary. Biden said that he had been preparing to run and data provided to him suggested he would have won the general elections.

Biden's son, Beau, died in May 2015 after a losing battle with brain cancer.

There were talks middle of 2015 that Biden might enter the race as Hillary Clinton faced struggles and challenges to come out strong against her rivals in the primary. Biden announced in October, however, his decision not to run for the presidency. He said that his window of opportunity had passed. It wasn't just meant to be.

Clinton won the primary. But while all the major polls and most of the liberal media consistently predicted her victory over Republican Donald Trump, she failed to inspire voters with so many issues hounding her. She struggled to answer issues of conflict of interest when she served as secretary of state, her private email scandal, the failures of foreign policy when she was in control, failures of the Obama administration, her husband's past affairs, scandals with her family-run foundation, and the public's belief in her lack of trustworthiness.

Both Biden and Clinton have been active lately, especially in opposing the repeal and replacement of Obamacare in Congress. There were even loose talks of Hillary thinking of giving her presidential ambitions another run in 2020.


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