By: Latreese Simpson | 03-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sadık Güleç | Dreamstime

ANTIFA Terrorists Intend to Wear Burkas To Provoke Hate Crimes

Just when you think those losers can't get lower, they prove us wrong once again. Over the last weekend, conservatives around the country were throwing rallies and assembling to cheer on our one and only President Trump, but the leftist just wouldn't let them be.

The so-called Democrats were seen running Anti-Trump (Anti-American, to be honest) rallies nearby by the conservative rally. The Hilary/Sender crowd were never shy from verbal/physical confrontation, and when they found that it didn't work? They were now using trickery in the most disgusting scene. over the last few days, numerous Facebook posts surfaced on the internet, showing clear evidence that the leftist were calling their friends to wear Burkas in order to provoke their "enemies" and trying to get people charge for racist hate crime.

"OMG!! THIS THIS THIS!! This is a great idea!" One-person response. It is clear they have lost their mind and will do anything to further damage our country.

You think that is bad enough? Behold. These internet terrorists are also calling their people to bring BB gun and dress it as a real gun to their rally. What do they want from this? To provoke the police and the Trump crowd, and possibly play victims if something tragic happened due to their idiocy. I can totally imagine them putting the blame on the police force if something ever happened in one of this gatherings. God bless America.

Everyone have a right mind can see that these people are not peaceful demonstrators but rioters who have no concern on public safety. It's hard to say how far these people are willing to go to further intimidate the conservatives, the president, and the country. I strongly believe the local police force should do something about that and be aware of the danger they might be in.

The leftists will do anything to make America looks bad, but America is determined to fight back. In this case, we are calling for all patriotic American who support President Trump and Right wing movement to be careful and look out your back at rally and gathering. Stay calm and do not let them trick you anyway, my friend.

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