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Principal Invents New Lock To Help Stop School Shooters

One Florida elementary principal wasn't satisfied with the security of his classrooms. His solution? A custom designed locking mechanism dubbed the Z-lock that is designed to prevent access to classrooms.

Jason Pursley, the principal of the Skyline Elementary School, invented his own version of a lock that he feels will be a much more secure option for keeping unwanted intruders out of classrooms. Buffalo Prairie Middle School is the latest school to implement the Z-lock.

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The Z-lock allows a teacher to quickly lock the door securely to stop an intruder from entering, and anyone else from leaving. Dallas County R-1 School District Superintendent Tim Ryan said, "In some cases, we may want to evacuate students from the building. But if that’s not possible and there is an intruder in the halls, teachers will be able to quickly lock their classroom doors."

"Without the Z-Lock, teachers would have to step outside to lock the door."

Part of the heavy duty Z-lock hangs on the wall next to the door and the main part of the lock is attached to the door itself. "In case of an intruder alert, the teacher can grab the Z and put it in the lock in 20 seconds or less," said Buffalo Prairie principal Buck Shockley.

The Z-lock is being installed in every middle school classroom in the district. Ryan has yet to order the Z-lock for all R-1 buildings but he did say he is planning to once he sees how well it works and how long it takes to install.

Pursley said he has been looking into security devices for classroom doors at Skyline Elementary but didn't like anything he found prior to designing the Z-lock. "We would have to drill a lot of holes in the doors, and the cost was going to be $125 or $150 per door," Pursley said.

"One day I just started working on a design, and in August I started putting some locks together."

To help produce his newly invented lock, Pursley started a company called DK Safety Solutions and makes the locks himself. The Z-lock costs a mere $35 dollars and the demand has grown. It has already been installed in nine schools, Skyline, Buffalo Prairie, Fair Grove, Halfway, Bolivar Co-op, Lakeland, Pleasant Hope, Fair Play, and Dadeville.

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2 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 19836 2018-03-04 : 13:35

My Background is IT & Physical Security with that said….

Rule #1 about locks…. They can keep honest people Out and keep people IN.

OK the lock on the inside limits the killer to one classroom of 40 students…. what was the last death toll 17?

Ever seen a lock shot off or out ☺…

Steel doors and frames now need to be installed in a few 1000 pre-1970 schools still in use.

If Doors have glass windows… Now the shooter has a Firing window and 40 fish in a barrel.

Many Classrooms have windows in the Hallways for observation and outside to bring in sunlight.

Yes …. the lock is a cheap starting point but not a solution.

What we need to do is address realistic School Physical Security, ARMED Staff response from within the school. Schools with Physical Security Zones inside and out.

But the Liberals, it seems, want to use schools to pimp more Gun Controls instead of protecting the students.


The 1st US School mass murder happen well over 250 years ago…

July 26, 1764 Greencastle, Pennsylvania - 10 killed 2 wounded

It seems the politicians have been playing the odds with the kids lives for a long time.

Anonymous No. 19846 2018-03-04 : 16:28

I agree with the previous anon that this is a shitty idea, the best idea I have come up with is a school marshal program.

In this program school staff would volunteer for the marshal service all secretly as no other teachers let alone students should know who is or isn't a marshal. Maybe a school has 7 teachers volunteer maybe none but no one but the police dept directly responsible would know if there's a school marshal at said school.

This is a deterrent more than a threat defense but they will be trained just in case. The training should be once every 6 months or so and the volunteers have to be physically able to be effective, as well as able to qualify with the pistol they want to conceal.

Chances of something happening like parkland at any one school are really slim over a teachers career.

Out of all the nasty shit that has gone down in the last few years parkland was the most preventable if just a few people followed thru in their jobs. Now they are Jonny on the spot arresting 10year olds for threatening to try to bring a lego rifle to school. Awesome looking example I might add.

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