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New California Law Ensures Illegal Immigrants Can't Register To Vote

A new law set to go into effect in April will ensure that illegal immigrants will not automatically be registered to vote in California. The California law will automatically register people to vote when they get a driver's license or ID card or update their address with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Currently, California allows immigrants living in the country illegally to get drivers licenses, this has caused some confusion among media outlets reporting that illegals will be automatically registered to vote when they obtain a license or ID. The new program that will automatically register people to vote has safeguards in place that will prevent illegals from being registered to vote.

When a DMV worker processes a drivers' license application for an illegal immigrant, they will not be able to access the voter registration boxes because they will be grayed out. A DMV spokeswoman named Jessica Gonzalez said, "To be eligible, you have to be a U.S. citizen."

The New Motor Voter Law was written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015 but it has taken up til now to get the procedure in place. In California, voter registration has been available at the DMV since 1995. The new law will make it easier since an applicant won't be required to fill out the entire form.

The Public Policy Institute of California released a report in 2016 that predicts the new law will increase the number of voters in certain demographics, including those ages 18-25, Latinos, and those without a college education as well as people with two foreign-born parents.

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8 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 19807 2018-03-04 : 04:30

Wow, liberal California doing something right for a change

Anonymous No. 19808 2018-03-04 : 05:30

>Implying they won't get to vote

hahaha, right

Lola No. 19817 2018-03-04 : 07:04

Trust no one, especially the counters. We had video evidence of people stuffing voter boxes with stacks of ballots. Never heard of their prosecution. Put a bail bond on these people and sue them if they cheat. It's that important. Majority rule because the majority of the time, the majority are right. We cannot afford to be wrong. We do this for the children.

Anonymous No. 19837 2018-03-04 : 14:01

If you buy this song and dance…

I have the liberals 60's, 70's , 80's , 90's and etc. repeated promises ….

"All we want is this last additional Gun Control measure.

It isn't like we want to ban rifles and pistols.

Anonymous No. 19851 2018-03-04 : 16:58

They don't vote under their own name, they vote under your and my dead relatives names as many times as they can.

No one today that was born in the 1800's let alone the 1700's should be voting but it's happened before, I remember reading this last election that people born in the 1700's were registered to vote.


Anonymous No. 19919 2018-03-05 : 18:35

yeah, I can see some bcrat clicking past the checkboxes

Hopper No. 19979 2018-03-06 : 21:19

"To be eligible, you have to be a U.S. citizen."

Does this mean evrtyone applying 4 a DL has to show PROOF of citizenship ?

I DOUBT it..

bj No. 19983 2018-03-06 : 23:25

This will NOT stop the Democratic party from using them to Vote Democratic candidates!

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