By: Latreese Simpson | 03-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: @ifnotnow | Twitter

Hermaphrodites and Sharia Supporters Shut Down Entrances To #AIPACK2017

Hundreds of protesters marched against the American Israel Public Affairs committee nearly causing a disruption on Sunday. Police allowed them to reach the glass doors of the Washington Conventions Center. The group organized by IfNotNow, a Jewish anti-establishment group, was composed of hermaphrodites and Sharia Supporters. Their intentions appeared to have been to block access to the AIPACK2017 event held in Washington D.C. This group of zealous protesters danced while chanting slogans that were anti-Trump in nature. Some bore signs that read "Jews won't be free until Palestinians are, reject AIPAC, reject occupation". While the group did not get violent, there were those who were at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who felt targeted and were made very anxious by the mob just outside the glass doors.

AIPAC activists who were visiting the Washington Convention Center pulled out their phones and took photos of the protesters from inside the doors. Things nearly reached a dangerous tipping point and tensions rose as the day went on. Police were forced to keep a watchful eye on the protesters taking up vital city resources. Anytime a group promoting Sharia law organizes outside of a major establishment in the political capital of the United States there is a worry among law enforcement and leadership alike. With recent terror attacks in Africa and London, the leaders of the event were faced with an anxiety producing addition to the event. The right to protest remains an unalienable one in America and nonviolent protests are allowed but still pose a potential threat.

Recently, protests at universities such as Washington University are grim reminders of the potential ugly consequences when protesters gather. Shootings, assaults, and vandalism are often not far behind a protest in recent trends. While dozens of protesters waving flags of the Jewish Defense League stood outside, those at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee event maintained composure despite the large group representing the archaic traditions of Sharia law stood outside the front door. One can't help but imagine if the vast majority of these protesters had their way the violent, barbaric customs of these hermaphrodites and Sharia supporters would be allowed into America.


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Anonymous No. 1985 2017-03-27 : 13:58

it's AIPAC without K

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