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Jack The Ripper DNA Analysis: A Jew From Poland

When one man’s atrocious, evil actions live on from one century and into the next it leaves one to wonder what must this man have been like? Recent DNA analysis has shed light on the person known as Jack The Ripper and his blood fueled wake of murders.

Jack The Ripper went on a tyriad of gruesome murders during the turn of the 20th century and he committed not just mutilations but sexual acts on his victims. Before the days of satellites, social media, and cameras in every cell phone, a dark figure lurking in the shadows would have found it much easier to get away for so long with these disturbing crimes.

Results from the DNA test, took from a well-preserved crime scene, showed genetic markers that are indicative of Jewish or Eastern European descent. Up until now, six main suspects have been narrowed down and the killer thought to be almost certainly among them. With the latest in DNA analysis, a shawl belonging to Catherine Eddowes, a victim of Jack The Ripper, has been tested and proven to hold blood from both her and the killer.

The DNA in the blood has showed the true killer to be none other than the man at the top of investigators lists, Aron Kosminski. Kosminski has always been the primary suspect and was a Polish Jew who escaped the Russian pogroms taking place in London during the early 1880s. Kosminski has been identified as a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered from auditory hallucinations. Criminal historians who have studied Jack The Ripper describe a man who was a misogynist and chronic masturbator.

Although no one is still alive from the late 1800's, the tale left by DNA evidence does not lie and indeed confirms many of the theories regarding the polices primary suspect. It is a wonder that his identity can finally be confirmed and marks a great victory for science that this was possible. Perhaps there can be some form of closure for the family of the victims all those years ago and there memories will not be forgotten as this tale will live on in infamy.


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Randy Williams No. 1984 2017-03-27 : 13:54

Two of the Rippers were from Poland. New evidence-based Ripper theory/book written by PI & world's top criminologists Drs. Michael Baden, Henry Lee & Cyril Wecht:

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