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Convicted Pedophile Released From 300-Year Sentence

A Colorado man has found his ticket to freedom after he was sentenced to 300 years in prison for sexually assaulting half a dozen children. Michael McFadden was sentenced to 300 years but was released after winning an appeal and those who know him say he could be in the Colorado Springs area raising money for a bus ticket to Florida.

McFadden was released from the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Ordway on Tuesday, he was living in Grand Junction at the time of his arrest. The 46-year-old McFadden appealed his 2015 conviction claiming pre-trial delays violated state laws for a speedy trial. June 2017, McFadden won his appeal and a Colorado Court of Appeals threw out his conviction.

February 12, Colorado Supreme Court decided it would not hear the appeal which allowed the lower courts ruling which did not allow the case to be re-tried would stand. Upon searching Michael McFadden does not appear in the search results on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's registered sex offender website.

District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said, "I am frankly appalled, completely appalled at this decision. I think the criminal justice system completely failed here." A woman who claims to know McFadden and reported his crimes to authorities said, "The victims were promised if they were told everything that happened they would be safe. He had told them, if you tell what I did I will kill you."

Shortly after this article was written, McFadden was arrested in Colorado Springs for failing to register as a sex offender and booked into El Paso County Criminal Justice Center.

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Anonymous No. 19773 2018-03-03 : 11:52

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKTV) - A man who was freed on a technicality from a more than 300-year prison sentence was put BACK behind bars Friday night in El Paso County.

It seem appointing Liberal judges has its drawbacks.

Even District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, who was in charge of the case. Hopes in the next election cycle that new judges are elected and the more liberal ones replaced.

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