By: Chris Yalom | 03-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

Sink hole nearly swallows bus carrying 21 passengers in China

A huge sink hole appears in the middle of a busy main road of Nanning Guangxi, China last March 24, 2017.


A bus carrying a total of 21 passengers was travelling across Nanning Guangxi, China last Friday.   As the bus approached the weakened section of road, the bus was seen shaking and bouncing while passing through the danger zone as the ground started to give way unevenly. 


 The Chinese bus driver desperately accelerates away from the dip with just seconds to spare. A video inside the bus showed one standing male passenger gripping strongly the overhead handrail while another female passenger almost falling from her seat because of the strong shaking of the bus.


A car just behind the bus just managed to swerve into the adjacent lane after clearly noticing that the road was collapsing before their eyes.  The driver of the bus behind the car immediately began to brake after noticing the road was already collapsing. 


Moments later the ground abruptly fell away creating a sinkhole traversing the bus lane.   The sink hole on the middle of the road was about two-meter-deep and three-meter-wide.


The traffic came to a complete stop when the entire section of road already caved in.


Police officers assessed the scene immediately after the incident.  People near the vicinity gathered near the sink hole to see to check the sink hole themselves.


Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident and concrete was later poured to fill the road gap.




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