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Police in Easton, Maryland say a woman has been arrested and is facing charges after she assaulted a man, put urine in his drink and gave him a stomach ache.

According to Easton Police Department, officers served a criminal summons Tuesday to 49-year-old Angelica Faulkner who has been charged with two counts of assault second degree and one count of causing to ingest bodily fluids.

Authorities say Faulkner was staying with 44-year-old Steven Hardesty in May of 2017. Criminal complaints reveal Hardesty claims that Faulkner poisoned him by putting "Visine" in his coffee and urinating in his orange juice.

Police also say the victim claims that Faulkner struck him in the face several times resulting in a black eye. According to Hardesty, he suffered stomach problems due to ingesting the poison.

Faulkner was later released on her own recognizance and promised to appear in court.

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Husband beater, eh?

Anonymous No. 19691 1519962099

Reported by 'Goldwater'. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

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