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Marine Le Pen Boldly Predicts EU's Death

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen continues to be in a fierce fighting form with just one month to go before the voting starts. She boldly predicted the death of the European Union ( EU).

Le Pen fired up her supporters on her rally on Sunday as she also told them that France must be protected from globalization and the death of the EU. Le Pen said that the EU will die naturally because the people do not want it anymore, as all arrogant 'empires' have also come to an end in the past.

The anti-immigrant and anti-EU candidate of the National Front ( FN) party also hit her rivals during the rally. She said centrist Emmanuel Macron and conservative Francois Fillon are both guilty of treason or betrayal of country because of their pro-EU and pro-market policies.

Le Pen was strongly and wildly received by the crowds with their loud cheers and applause. She said again that she is inspired by the unexpected and amazing victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election and the win of Brexit, both from last year. She said that her incoming win in the French election will be the next step to complete what she describes as a " global rebellion of the people".

Her stand against the EU and her anti-immigrant, 'France First' policy like Trump's 'America First' policy make for a general anti-establishment stance, again drawing huge similarities with Trump. Le Pen's tough policies are drawing grassroots party supporters solidly to her side. She is doing strongly in the polls. But like what Trump experienced with the mainstream media, political observers and majority of the polls, so-called experts are still predicting that she will lose in the second round of the elections. Her supporters believe this may be just an effort to undermine her candidacy.

With only a month to go, there is still a high number of undecided voters, making it hard to correctly predict the result of the election. What is more important at this point for all candidates is to inspire people to go out on election day and vote. This again shows another similarity with the U.S. presidential election where almost all the polls predicted that it would be an easy win for Hillary Clinton. There were observations, though, during the campaign that Hillary was not inspiring people enough to go out and vote. Still the liberal media refused to report much on Hillary failing to inspire and motivate voters. And then Hillary lost big.

Le Pen has also been giving assurances to her people that while she favors France to pull off their own exit from EU just like Brexit, the move will not be abrupt. She favors holding a vote for French people to decide whether to stay of leave the EU, six months after renegotiating the terms of France's EU membership.

Le Pen said she wants a new Europe which she called the " Europe of the people". She said building the new Europe after the death of the present EU will be done in a rational and well-prepared way.


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