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Italians Go to the Polls - What Do They Want?

At the time of writing, Italy is covered under a layer of snow, a rare sight for the 1st of March but at least for the Italians a welcome change from all the political talk they have heard lately.

Immigration and the economy are the key talking points for Sunday’s election. It is clear that after 5 years of left-wing government the Italians are ready for change.

As it stands, the centre-right party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has joined forces with the right-wing nationalists of Lega Nord and Forza Nouva are set to win the election. Mr Berlusconi, to please voters on the right, has vowed to send back some 600,000 African immigrants if he gets a majority in parliament (he’ll probably finish just shy from that).

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Mr Lorenzo Pregliasco, a professor of political science employed by the University of Bologna said: "The prominence of right-wing issues is going to grow as a result of this election."

"Even the center-left has moved to the right (during the campaign) on some topics, including immigration."

"I think Italian society has shifted to the right in these last years and Italian politics is following that suit. If the center-right wins, you will have a kind of right-center coalition rather than a center-right coalition."

The key decided of the election however, is how well he far-right parties will score.

"Certainly, compared to the past this is remarkable because Forza Italia used to be the pivotal party in the center-right coalition and the League was an important party but it polled only 5 to 8 percent. Now, they're polling around 13 percent of the vote which means they will be, very likely, a decisive force in the parliament if the center-right win."

Europe looks worrying towards Sunday as a hung parliament in it’s 4th largest economy combined with another swing to the right, is not necessarily the result some of the globalists in Brussels desire.

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