By: Latreese Simpson | 03-26-2017 | News
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Amid Roving Gangs of Islamic “Rapefugees”, The Sweden Democrats Take the Lead

In February, President Trump alluded to ongoing problems that Sweden was having with immigrants and refugees. The mainstream media went wild, questioning Trump's veracity and his sanity. The New York Times proclaimed in its headline that the Nation was "Baffled" by the comment. CNN said that "Trump's remark is the latest misplaced reference to a terrorist attack or incident".

Even Carl Bildt, the former Swedish prime minister, also questioned the President's statement acted as if the remark was unfounded, based on faulty information or completely imagined.

"Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?" Bildt tweeted.

It's beginning to look as if Trump might have been right(again!), and things might not be quite as rosy in Sweden as the Left, and the media, would like the world to believe.

The next election in Sweden is due to be held in September of next year, but an earlier election could be held if a change in the current situation appears to warrant it. According to Breitbart, support for the anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats has nearly doubled since 2014, to nearly twenty-five percent of the voting public. Its popularity is now greater than that of the current ruling party in Sweden.

In September 2015, Breitbart did an article detailing the levels of unrest and violence in Sweden in only one summer month. Since that article was written, the numbers of refugees admitted has only increased.

In November 2016, The Economist stated that, "163,000 asylum-seekers arrived in Sweden", and that "No European country has a larger proportion of refugees in its population and in 2015 none welcomed a larger flow of asylum-seekers, proportionate to its population, than Sweden".

Little is written about the problems that Sweden is currently facing with such a large immigrant population. The growing resentment of the voting public, as evidenced by the growth of the anti-immigrant party, suggests that Trump might just know something that the mainstream media either does not know, or does not want to share. People who live in Sweden are more aware of conditions in that country and they are very likely to show their dissatisfaction in the next elections, if not sooner.

The Swedish Democrats are anti-immigration. The population of Sweden feels overwhelmed and is rallying behind their conservative party.

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