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Protests Intensify In Russia Over The Wave Of Corruption

Russia has witnessed a wave of demonstrations that are taking place throughout the nation. Protesters took to the street in thousands for an unsanctioned protest against the Kremlin government.

Moscow’s Pushkin Square was crowded by protesters. The opposition against President Vladimir Putin is being led by Alexei Navalny. The anti-corruption campaigner was arrested while walking from a nearby subway station to the demonstration.

The protests had been called by Navalny and his Foundation for Fighting Corruption. The protests attracted crowds of hundreds or thousands in most sizeable Russian cities.

The protests took place from the Far East port of Vladivostok to the European heartland.

Reports indicate that the protests were the largest coordinated outpourings of dissatisfaction in Russia since the massive 2011-12 demonstrations that followed a fraud-tainted parliamentary election.

The exact number of demonstrators in Moscow was not established. However, the protesters filled the one-hectare Pushkin Square alongside the sidewalks on the Tverskaya Street. This suggests that more than 10,000 people had showed up.

Fights with police authorities started and some demonstrators were arrested, including a gray-haired man whom police dragged along the pavement.

The protests emerged over reports claiming that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has amassed a collection of mansions, yachts and vineyards. Navalny's group claimed that the alleged luxuries included a house for raising ducks.

Many protesters had placards mocking images of yellow duck toys. One of the protesters, Ivan Gronstein said that Russians are unhappy with the fact that there's been no investigation over the corruption allegations.

The police detained demonstrators by force in the Pacific port city of Vladivostok.

Reports on social media suggested that demonstrations were taking place in large cities throughout the country including Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Approximately 25 people were reported arrested in Vladivostok and 12 in Khabarovsk. The recent attack on Navalny caused some demonstrators to show up with their faces painted green.

The move was aimed at referencing the recent attack after an attacker threw a green antiseptic liquid on his face. The Russian government ought to step up and address the corruption allegations that have been raised by the protesters.


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