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Vaccinations Mandatory in Australia

The Majority of states in Australia have laws that are called No Jab, No Pay/Play. The laws state that children who are not vaccinated are not allowed to attend preschool or daycare centers.

The laws also require the parents who receive child benefit payments not to get the payments if they don’t vaccinate their children.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants the government to introduce laws that will ensure that all the states in Australia are vaccinated. Around 5% of children in Australia are unvaccinated. Prime Minister Turnbull reduce the number so that more children are vaccinated.

The Prime Minster gave a story about a baby who died because of whooping cough. The mother of the baby had not vaccinated the child with whooping cough vaccination.

The baby died when he was just one-month-old. The vaccination for the infection isn’t available until 6 weeks of age.

Turnbull said that vaccination is not a theoretical exercise. He emphasized that it’s a life and death issue. He also said that when a parent fails to vaccinate a child, they are putting other children at risk. The Australian government wants to take away benefits so that it can force parents to vaccinate their children. If the parents don’t vaccinate their children, they will not get their welfare checks and daycare privileges.

When the first ‘No Jab, No Pay’ policy was introduced, it resulted in about 200,000 children being vaccinated. The Anti-Vaccination movement continues to grow because people fear that their children will suffer from the injections. Parents still have the right to choose whether they will vaccinate their children. However, they will have less opportunities to be around other children.

Michael Gannon is the Australian Medical Association president. He said that parents who expect the community to support them with welfare payments or access to care should protect their children. Parents who are against vaccines have justified their decision by saying that herd immunity will prevent the spread of diseases. As the number of children who are not vaccinated increases, the herd immunity weakens.


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