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Dick’s Sporting Goods to Stop Selling Assault-Type Firearms

In the midst of a re-ignited fierce debate over gun control in America following the recent shocking massacre at a high school in Florida, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Wednesday that it was permanently curbing the sale of certain guns at all of its stores in the country.

Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said their company would stop selling assault-style firearms or high-capacity magazines. They would also stop selling any guns to those under age 21.

Stack also said he is prepared to take on any potential backlash toward their business as he emphasized: “We’re taking these guns out of all our stores permanently.

The Pennsylvania-based Dick’s sells weapons via its Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream stores.

Stack did not stop with the curb on the sale of certain guns but is also urging Congress “to act comprehensively” not only on the background checks but also on mental health and other possible solution to the problem. Stack believes there were not enough systematic protections to prevent gun sales to people who are potential threats.

His solution for now, while he thinks that the systems that are in place across the board just aren’t effective enough, is not to sell assault-type rifles anymore.

The White House is pushing Congress to pass gun control measures. President Trump has spoken in support of more comprehensive background checks and even signed a memo for his administration to ban “bump stocks”, devices that make semiautomatic weapons work like fully automatic ones, without Congress’s approval.

Trump also floated the possibility of giving police the authority to temporarily confiscate guns from those reported to have violent or threatening behavior or who have mental illnesses. The President also said he would consider raising the minimum age for buying certain assault rifles from 18 to 21. At one point, he appeared to have suggested arming school teachers.

Gun rights advocates and other conservatives oppose such measures and have expressed their concerns about everyone, including Trump, taking gun control too far.


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Anonymous No. 19576 2018-02-28 : 21:47


Dicks quit selling AR-15 good while back.

Plus DICKS will be in direct violation of the FEDERAL LAW if it refuses to sell a rifle or shotgun to a any 18-20 year old. Leaving itself open to Civil Rights Lawsuits .

BTW: Dicks stock is down to $32.## and I expect it will look like Sports Authority that pulled the same PC Liberal stunt that lost it 10's or 1000's of customers.

BTW: as of 1600 hrs 2-28-18 still sells Tactic Shotguns that can and will do more damage

Anonymous No. 19577 2018-02-28 : 21:54

Pffft, so be it 18 year olds will just go to the next competitor. Now we have Dicks being a real dick and virtue signaling. I will bet they loose some additional customers as outdoorsmen usually shop at those type places and some will be soured by this crap.

One would think the MSM and especially stores that deal in firearms would be more cautious. Currently AR's are flying off the rack just like post Sandy Hook. The only difference is today the prices are still lowish due to all the mfgr's that jumped on the AR platform after they saw the potential profits from mass hysteria.

Obummer was the biggest firearm salesman of all time. I know people that got to retire 10 years early due to the $$ during Obummers 8 years.

Anonymous No. 19599 2018-03-01 : 03:32

Several people we know in the extended family build AR's for about $299 using 80% Mil spec lowers and Internet purchased parts kits and its all completely ATF legal.

What I am saying in a long about way .

The Gun people often quote 420 Million Firearms in the USA.

BUT I feel they are about 1.5 million short on Semi-AR 55.6, 308. 9mm Home Builts.

Anonymous No. 19645 2018-03-01 : 16:47

What the idiots that are screaming for "gun control" are missing is the fact that our 2nd amendment is there to protect us from a tyrannical government, and that the government works for us ie WE THE PEOPLE! We the people give these elected persons tons of power and the 1st & 2nd amendment is the fall back plan in the slim chance that the people that work for us actually turn on us. The democratic or socialist party is chomping at the bit to strip our defense and the liberal idiots are 1st in line to want to trade our security as a free people for a false sense of safety. Makes zero sense as that would only serve to strip firearms from the law abiding citizens and like the previous anon said millions of individuals have legally built there own AR's from parts and 80% lowers. I'd like to add that the same applies to the AK platform. A lot of these firearms would still be around as well as all the criminals who do not abide by the laws anyway, they would never give up their guns.

The last mass casualty could and should have been stopped all together or at least cut short if the people that work for us actually did their jobs. The deputies and the school cop are cowards and completely failed at their job not to mention dropping the ball on all the warnings. All this outrage that's aimed at so called "a55ault" rifles should be aimed squarely at the FBI and sheriff Israel and the assaulter.

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