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Boris Johnson Begins Irish Brexit ‘Bust-Up’

The UK government of Prime Minister Theresa May is about to release its draft plan for post-Brexit.

This will set out its aims of the final dealings with the EU about leaving the union and whether or not the UK will stay in the customs union with the 28-member bloc.

There is, however, one more ‘sticky point’, which the British Foreign Minister, Mr Boris Johnson (a pro-Brexit minister), claims is being exploited for political gain: "What is going on at the moment is that the issue of the Northern Irish border is being used quite a lot politically to try and keep the UK in the customs union - effectively the single market - so we cannot really leave the EU. That is what is going on."

In fact, the island of Ireland is divided up into two countries. Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

The border between these two geographical regions has been cause for much fighting and bombing campaigns by the Irish Republican Army in the past, so people understand that it is a tense issue.

However, if the UK decides to leave the customs Union with the EU, then it has to normally inspect the border. Not a problem for the island of Britain, but a problem for the island of Ireland, because that would mean re-installing the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and thus risking to re-awaken the IRA.

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An added issue is that the current Tory government of Ms Theresa May only has a working majority because it is supported by the DUP, who are a tiny political party from.. you guessed it, Northern Ireland.

DUP member Sir Jeffrey Donaldson: "If the EU or Dublin believes the UK government will be signing up to a border in the Irish Sea, they are deluded."


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