By: Earnest Wright | 03-26-2017 | News
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White Supremacists Loving Increased News Coverage

The recent turn of events by white supremacists targeting college campuses has caused upset as they gain attention.

Richard Spencer laid out the details of his triumphant plan during a podcast last July: He told listeners that he had wanted to paste white nationalist fliers across the city’s downtown, and, just as importantly, he had wanted the Free Press, a local news and arts website, to write about the fliers.

The Free Press made a post on July 6, 2016, saying that White Nationalists has brought hateful garbage to Houston. In response, Spencer said that the achievement had been unlocked. He was actually referring to the fact that the Free press had succeeded in promoting his message.

The white supremacist groups across the country have been calling for mass deportations, Muslim bans and economic nationalism. This has led to intense media coverage of a clearly inspired array of white supremacist groups across the country.

Greg Johnson who is a renowned figure in the far-right movement spoke bluntly about the benefits of gaining media coverage. Greg was speaking in a recent podcast when he said that our enemies have all kinds of power in comparison to the very little force that the movement exerts.

Johnson emphasized that the only way to multiply the effects of the far-right activism is by getting the oppositions neurosis to work for the far-right movement.

Data released by the Anti-Defamation League revealed that White supremacists’ groups have draped college campuses with fliers at least 118 times. The groups have left their publicity at campuses ranging from Clemson University in South Carolina to the University of Minnesota to the University of California in Los Angeles.

As a result, they’ve gotten coverage from local newspapers as well national outlets like CNN and the Washington Post. Universities have felt compelled to respond as well, like the University of Michigan, which unveiled an $85 million diversity and inclusion program just days after racist fliers were found on its Ann Arbor campus.

Although many of the supremacist groups appear to be small, they claim to be growing. The groups are counting on the media to serve as their amplifier and appear to cultivate and collect reports of their activities. ADL’s data revealed that Identity Europa is the chief source for fliers promoting white supremacist groups.

It’s not yet clear how many members the organization has. The groups claim supporters across the country, but in multiple photos released by the group there appear to be only the same handful of people. At the end of the day, the white nationalist groups are growing at an unimaginable rate. It might be alarming but the media has directly contributed to the immense growth.


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