By: Kyle James | 02-28-2018 | News
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Judge Rules Border Wall Construction Can Move Forward

A federal judge in California has cleared the way for the border wall between United State's southern border and Mexico to move forward. Judge Gonzalo Curiel issued a ruling Tuesday that allows the government to continue waiving environmental laws in order to move forward with construction of the border wall.

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The ruling goes against the majority of the state's position after California, along with a coalition of other groups, sued the federal government challenging the Trump administration's plans to waive environmental laws in order to speed up construction of the wall that will protect our country's southern border.

Curiel's ruling came down in a 100-page order that allows the wall's construction to move forward unhindered by environmental laws but it does not mean the construction can start immediately. Congress still has to authorize or provide funding for the wall before construction can begin.

Tuesday, Curiel noted the border wall is a highly controversial issue and offered his assurances that he did not factor that into his decision.

"The court is aware that the subject of these lawsuits, border barriers, is currently the subject of heated political debate in and between the United States and the Republic of Mexico as to the need, efficacy and the source of funding for such barriers,” Curiel wrote. “In its review of this case, the Court cannot and does not consider whether underlying decisions to construct the border barriers are politically wise or prudent."

As with any controversial ruling, groups opposing the wall say they intend to appeal Curiel's decision. Justice Department spokesman Devin O'Malley praised the Curiel's decision.

"Border security is paramount to stemming the flow of illegal immigration that contributes to rising violent crime and to the drug crisis, and undermines national security … We are pleased DHS can continue this important work vital to our nation’s interests."

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