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Russian Oligarch's Mistress Nastya Rybka Arrested in Thailand, Offers Up Secrets

The escort who garnered fame after posting a video of her vacation with Russia's elite has been arrested in Pattaya, Thailand. Nastya Rybka was among 10 Russians detained for offering sex training courses without a permit. She is now asking for absolution of the crime in exchange for damaging information on top politicians, including Donald Trump.

Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation published a new investigation based on a book and the Instagram account of a young woman, Nastya Rybka. It's her story that is rather fascinating, in August 2016, she witnessed a meeting between a deputy prime minister and an oligarch on the billionaire's yacht.

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Taking a closer look at what led up to the events at Washington DC that took place between deputy prime minister Sergey Prikhodko and oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Navalny concluded the pair's meeting aboard Deripaska's yacht was possibly used to discuss bribing members of Donald Trump's campaign and secure Russian influence on American public opinion leading up to the US presidential elections.

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Deripaska was tied to the US lobbyist Paul Manafort, known to have Russian ties, who ran part of Trump's presidential campaign. Prikhodko, while he keeps a rather low profile, is responsible for the Kremlin's "foreign portfolio". Navalny put out a video about his investigation and almost immediately, Russia sprang into action.

Less than a day after Navalny's investigation was released, the Russian government's media regulator Roskomandzor, requested every outlet that published their own articles relating to the story were to remove images and videos from their websites in the name of protecting privacy.

Roskomnadzor's request didn't only include video and pictures from Rybka's Instagram and in the press, but also Navalny's entire website. On February 15, internet providers in Russia started to block across the country. The entirety of the censoring was done on the basis of a court ruling that took ten minutes to establish "interim measures" pending an actual ruling.

During his investigation, Navalny asserts Sergey Prikhodko's three-day holiday included prostitutes on Deripaska's yacht as well as other benefits like flights on his private jet. Mikhail Abyzov, Russia’s Minister for Open Government, defended Prikhodko saying, "One shouldn’t confuse normal, friendly, unofficial relationships with perks and bribery."


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Is the fact her name is Nasty-a and a prostitute a coincidence or his her name a play on the fact hookers can be nasty ??

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Or maybe the word "nasty" originated from hookers named Nastya?

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