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Rep. Steve Long Giving Free Handguns to Teachers and Administrators to Protect Students

With the ongoing debate as to how to best protect students inside the public school system in America, one South Carolina Congressman believes that arming the teachers and administrators of school facilities is the most important tactic to ensuring that children are safe in the classroom from would-be mass shooters.

Representative Steve Long (R-SC) believes that the Second Amendment should give every willing and able-bodied American a fighting chance against those who would do harm to innocent people, and he's since proposed a tactic of protecting the children within his own district, by introducing five separate pieces of legislation in the past which would allow teachers to conceal carry in the classrooms.

There's been endless push back against similar bills from the Democratic Party's far left over the years, who themselves seemingly have no means of ensuring a child's safety outside of their gun-grabbing efforts, that most Americans agree would do nothing to prevent a criminal from obtaining a firearm or seeking other means of attacking the innocent.

Democrats believe, for whatever ungodly reason lacking both logistics and reason, that banning firearms is going to protect children.

The solution, clearly in the short term as a response, is giving a teacher who's willing to receive proper firearms training a weapon, and the ability to learn safety techniques that will at minimal allow them <i>a chance</i> to kill a would-be perpetrator who's pointing a weapon at students.

Certainly, an <i>unarmed</i> teacher stands little chance if any against a would-be killer, and that's just common sense.

Now, Representative Steve Long is going to do something that will give a test run of sorts to the idea that arming teachers is a solution, by giving away firearms, free of cost, to teachers in his district.

The press release on Representative Steve Long's website reads:

<blockquote>"Representative Steven Long announced Monday morning that he is hosting a drawing to give away guns to teachers and show support for pro-Second Amendment legislation in the House."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"Rep. Long will be giving away 3 handguns: one to a K-12 teacher, school staff member, or school administrator; one to a higher education (college/university) faculty, staff member, or administrator; and one to any freedom-loving patriot who wishes to participate in the drawing. The teachers will also be given a gift certificate to attend a class to earn their Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP). In this class, they will learn about the laws surrounding the carrying of firearms and self-defense, how to properly handle and fire a handgun, and they will be given a field test to ensure they can shoot accurately. All of which is required by law to obtain a CWP."</blockquote>

<blockquote>Schell Arms, an Inman-based Federal Firearms Licensed business, has agreed to help with the acquisition and transfer of the firearms, pending a successfully completed background check as required by law. The handgun will be a Smith & Wesson M&P® Shield™ 9mm.</blockquote>

<blockquote>A donation page has been set up to raise funds to cover the cost of this drawing, though no donation is required to enter. Any funds raised in excess of that required to cover the cost associated with this giveaway will be donated to South Carolina Carry, an organization that promotes pro-Second Amendment policies and firearms education.</blockquote>

<blockquote>Currently there are several bills that have been introduced to allow teachers to carry, including H3052, H4956, H4972, H3248, and H3262.</blockquote>

"We must do everything we can to ensure the safety of children in schools, both K-12, and our higher education institutions. Allowing teachers or school staff members to carry is the most efficient and most effective way to do this," Rep Long said. "This is entirely voluntary. We aren't forcing teachers who don't feel comfortable with a gun to carry. Not every teacher will want to carry or needs to carry, but for those who are willing and able, we need to allow them this protection. I'm open to a discussion regarding the specifics of a program that allows teachers to carry, but it is undeniable that we must take action on this issue."

The idea is brilliant, and it has a promise to protect the students through guaranteeing the teachers in which parents trust their child's lives to have an appropriate response if, God forbid, they're ever put in a situation which requires them to protect their students.

"The criminals who shoot up schools are mentally defective cowards," Long continued. "A shocking 98% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. The killers know that they are unlikely to encounter armed resistance and be stopped and they're going after defenseless targets. Well, not anymore. By allowing trained adults to defend the students, we will send the message to those deranged psychotic degenerates that children are our top priority and we will protect them."

The Second Amendment is one of the most important rights Americans have, and it makes little to no sense that we protect banks with firearms, police with firearms, government buildings with firearms, our elected officials with firearms, but not our children.

It's safe to say that Trump supporters fully endorse this tactic by Representative Steve Long (R-SC), and we hope to see many other elected officials follow suit.


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Blake White No. 19481 2018-02-27 : 16:02

Free 'opportunities' for school employees to get gun training (and guns) should be a federal program.

Great idea !

Anonymous No. 19494 2018-02-27 : 19:59

Sheriffs and police dept nationwide confiscate 1000's of firearms each year.

Have them issue teachers such firearms found in good operational condition back to properly LEO trained and checked teachers.

ZERO Big $$$ cost to taxpayers

Only the cost of the background check fee and LEO Training.

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