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'Shocked And Outraged’ Naked People Slaughter A Sheep At Auschwitz Death Camp

In an outrageous scene that shocked many, eleven men and women were spotted slaughtering a sheep while naked at a former Nazi German death camp.

The men and women were in their twenties. Police authorities and the museum reported that they took their clothes off at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp before slaughtering a sheep.

The site is located in Southern Poland. The motives of the individuals are not yet known. The individuals were aged from 20 to 27 years, they went ahead and chained themselves together in front of the camp’s gate.

Sebastian Glen, who is the regional police spokesman said that the seven men and four women wrapped a white banner with the red text love over the infamous gate.

The local media also reported that the individuals also used a drone to film the outrageous incident.

Fortunately, the Museum guards at the site in the southern city of Oswiecim immediately intervened.

The police authorities reported that all those involved have been detained. The individuals included six Poles, four Belarusians and one German.

The police said that one of the men used a sharp tool to kill the sheep .The police spokeswoman said that the individuals were being questioned at a police station.

She said that the people involved were likely to be charged with violating the historical site.

The Oswiecim police reported that the individuals were also being investigated for the unfounded killing of an animal.

Museum spokesman Bartosz Bartyzel expressed the outrage and shock by the attempt to use the memorial site for a protest. The site marks the memory of thousands of victims. The Museum spokesman said that individuals engaged in a reprehensible act.

The museum director Piotr Cywinski also revealed that it was the first time that such incident had occurred.

The local media reported that the incident was intended to protest against the armed conflict in Ukraine. The Auschwitz death camp was built by Nazi Germany after occupying Poland during World War II. The Holocaust site has become a symbol of Nazi Germany's genocide of six million European Jews, one million of whom were killed at the camp from 1940 to 1945.

Michael Schudrich who is Poland's chief Rabbi said the actions of those involved were wrong, regardless of the group's motives.

He emphasized that the use of Auschwitz for political or moral statements is not the right way to remember the site.

The Auschwitz death camp was used by Germans to try to eliminate the Jewish people. The incident was a desecration of the memory of all those killed at Auschwitz.

The museum reported that more than 100,000 non-Jews also died at the death camp. Approximately 232,000 of Auschwitz's victims were children.


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Anonymous No. 1941 2017-03-25 : 11:05

>He emphasized that the use of Auschwitz for political or moral statements is not the right way to remember the site.

That's rich, coming from a kike.

In other words, "Do as I say, not as I jew."

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