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Sanctuary City Mayor Warns Illegals Of ICE Operation

The liberals in California are still working against federal authorities who are cleaning up their cities and removing violent felons and gang members by the thousands. None so far has had as much outright audacity as Oakland's mayor who literally warned criminals in the Bay Area that a pending ICE Operation would be "starting soon, as within the next 24 hours."

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Mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted to warn the illegal population of the pending ICE operation and went on local television to broadcast the message as well. And don't worry, in case the massive population of illegal immigrants doesn't speak English, there was a translator there to translate everything into Spanish.

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Schaaf warned of the pending federal immigration agency's action saying the information came from "multiple credible sources" but would not disclose further details or exact locations. The San Francisco Chronicle also aided in warning illegals about an upcoming ICE action set to take place in Northern California.

<blockquote class="twitter-video" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">.<a href="">@POTUS</a>: &quot;The sanctuary city situation… The protection of these horrible criminals in California, that if we ever pulled our ICE out… in 2 months they&#39;d be begging for us to come back. They would be begging. And you know what? I&#39;m thinking about doing it.&quot; <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Fox News (@FoxNews) <a href="">February 23, 2018</a></blockquote>

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President Trump recently spoke about the lack of help from the state of California and even said he was considering removing ICE and letting the criminals take over just to prove how much good the immigration authorities do and how badly the state needs them. Schaaf's move naturally provoked a harsh storm of criticism and it's well deserved.

Oakland is the number 3 most violent and dangerous city in the United States, the Mayor should be interested in protecting the well-being of the legal citizens by cleaning up crime under her watch. Instead, Shaaf has the nerve to warn criminals of a pending sweep in a city where the <a href="">violent crime rate is 1,683 per 100,000 residents.</a>

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anonymous No. 19391 2018-02-26 : 07:15

she needs to be put in jail because what she is doing is illegal

Anonymous No. 19403 2018-02-26 : 10:17

What is that state and federal law called that deals with interfering with the arrest, and harboring a fugitive called.☺

OH! ☻ thats it is :

Federal Code 18 U.S.C. § 1071 (concealing a person from arrest)

Section 1071 makes it an offense to harbor or conceal any person for whose arrest a warrant or process has been issued, so as to prevent the fugitive's discovery and arrest, after having notice or knowledge that a warrant or process has been issued for the fugitive's apprehension. An offender is subject to imprisonment for not more than one year, unless the warrant or process was issued on a felony charge, or after conviction of the fugitive of any offense, in which case the offender faces a maximum term of imprisonment of five years. PER COUNT …

I bet it involves 100+ illegals (counts)

18 U.S.C. §§ 1073 - 1074 (flight to avoid prosecution or giving testimony provisions)

Plus it makes the process of the ILLEGAL fleeing to avoid arrest, a felony.

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