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WARNING: Michael Moore Declares A “State of National Emergency”

Michael Moore Is Trapped In His Fantasy World Of " Directing " American Politics.

Just like his hypocritical and emotionally-manipulative films, Michael Moore's politics can get so overly imaginative and "creative" that it becomes detached from reality and the truth. Just like parts of his films, Michael Moore's real life politics is also full of lies and fantasy.

The leftist filmmaker has just called on his favorite people from the Democratic Party to order them to declare a National Emergency. He said such will be justified by the "fact" that the President of the U.S. and his staff are under investigation for espionage. Moore said such announcement came from the FBI that gave a "shock to our democracy". Moore further called on the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate to stop all businesses being done " in the name of this political felony suspect, Donald J. Trump. Moore also added that no bill Trump supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided " while he is under criminal investigation".

Moore gave his conclusion that Trump's presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI and an independent investigative commission discovers the truth.

He made a statement that practically asked Americans to rebel against the government. Moore addressed " fellow citizens" to demand the Democrats to stop all businesses with the government.

It is as if Moore was just casually directing a film with his orders to Americans and the Democratic party. As if his "script" is bible truth. As if just like the movies, he is captain of the ship, and everyone else must simply follow. As if he were a God. Problem is, this is not the movies and Moore is in no position to spread lies and command people to go against the government, convict Trump without charges and attempt to destroy him. Thankfully, unlike in his movies, Moore in real-life politics is all noise, but he does not have power.

FBI has not concluded that Trump is guilty of the things Moore's wild imagination blames him for. Trump is not under any criminal investigation, for as long as there are no formal charges filed against him for the sins Moore has enumerated, or invented. But this new sorry episode of Moore is nothing new. Since the campaign when Moore made it his life mission to " stop Trump" and all-through Trump's amazing victory and inauguration until today in his barely three-month old presidency, Moore has been embarrassing himself by making challenges against Trump, and losing them big time.

In December, Moore said something crazy, something we are not expecting could happen to prevent Trump from becoming President. Moore predicted that Trump could quit because he was burned out by the amount of work required. All those were proven wrong, big time. Trump, in fact, as early as December was already working so hard as incoming President bringing and keeping jobs in the U.S. for Americans, and serving as top U.S. diplomat in dealing with world leaders.

After that, Moore next called on Americans to disrupt Trump's Inauguration. That one failed. In the next two months, the so-called film documentarist has been pushing to have Trump arrested and impeached following the resignation of former National Security adviser Mike Flynn. Well, Moore also failed on those counts, too. As he is failing now.

Moore's statements now are nothing but just part of his continuing efforts to make the Trump administration appear illegitimate. It is just consistent with his and the left's inability to accept even at this point the humiliating, huge loss of their candidate Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Moore's petty actions and words now-unlike some of his movies which at least enjoyed some modest success-are being out right rejected by the public. Americans' comments on his social media accounts where he has been making those irresponsible, false statements are somewhat unkind. Perhaps, they have had enough of Moore and they just have to give it to him.

One netizen wrote on his Instagram account where he called for the national emergency:

"Michael Moore has become a fu$&@'$& parody of his former self and represents everything he used to despise." Another shouted at Moore, " You do not speak for all of America!".

How true the comment indeed, Moore cannot speak for all of America on Trump, much more dictate and direct American politics.

But the one comment that could hurt the most utilized a tool Moore loved using in his films to get the public attention humor.

Another social media user said of Moore: " He is right… there is a national emergency. Moore is single-handedly causing a food shortage in America and he needs to be stopped."


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Anonymous No. 1945 2017-03-25 : 13:05

Moore is as stupid as he is fat. If the Democrats actually throw in the towel, the GOP could entirely govern without them.

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