By Kyle James  |  02-26-2018   News
Photo credit: Corsicana Police Department

Police must see every kind of excuse and possible hiding spot for drugs, but one Texas woman might have topped them all. Shannen Martin wanted to hide her crack pipe and drugs so badly she was willing to defecate all over them.

Officers in Corsicana, about 55 miles south of Dallas, say they were investigating a report of a theft at a grocery store Wednesday when they attempted to subdue a female suspect and take her into custody.

Martin was in the back of a police cruiser where she intentionally defecated in her pants to hid a crack pipe, 2.3 grams of crack cocaine and Valentine's Day card in her excrement.

The woman's failed attempt to get out of drug charges only made her case worse. Officers had to sift through her feces to retrieve the evidence after Martin was booked on charges of tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance.

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Now that's some Good Sheeet!

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shieeeeettt….. 'ma name is JEFF'

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she shifted her pants where are the Russians!?

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