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As Delta And United Cut Ties With The NRA, Is An NFL Comparison In Order?

Working and living in a European capital, I am often reminded of how vastly different life in a metropolis is from the slow-moving pace of my hometown.

Mine was a village of forgotten factories, cows in a field and a generally slower pace of life which I left behind and exchanged for the fast-moving world of international business, finance and law.

But the ties and memories remain. The norms and values that we are brought up with stay with you for as long as you live, no matter how fast life changes.

As I see the US press making an even longer list of companies that abandon NRA members as their bean counters seem to think there is more money to be made to side with future rather than loyal members, I wonder whether they are making the same mistake the NFL did when it decided to ditch respect for norms and values of the American way of life. In the US, you stand for the flag, you respect the military. That is one discussion I know never to have with any of my US counterparts.

Now, as Delta and United Airlines announced their decision to cut discounts to NRA Members, joining the ever-longer list of US companies that have decided to do so, I must state my surprise.

You see, if there is one part of the western world where customers are loyal to their national carriers, it is US business travelers to their own airlines.

Compared to Lufthansa, British Airways or Air France, the services of United or Delta on board transatlantic flights are, and this is said with the greatest respect, inadequate. Still, their customers remain, because the companies are American and US business travelers are loyal.

But all that could very well change.

If I were on the marketing team of Lufthansa, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic or Air France, I would know where to start an aggressive campaign as from Monday. Lots of customers to be picked up.

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anonymous No. 19361 2018-02-25 : 23:01

Boycott Delta and United….that's the only way.

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