By Kyle James   |  02-24-2018   News
Photo credit: Rochester Police Department

A Rochester City School District student who also an undocumented immigrant was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat to people at East High School in Rochester, New York.

Two of the school's leadership, Deputy Mayor Cedric Alexander and Deputy Police Chief LaRon Singletary, held a news conference late Friday saying the investigation began on February 15 when Rochester Police were warned about a threat posted on the high school's Facebook page.

The threat left on the East High School Facebook page read, "I’m coming tomorrow morning, and I’m going to shoot all of ya bitches." Police arrested 21 Abigail Hernandez, both an undocumented immigrant and in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Hernandez was arrested on February 20th and handed over to federal authorities in Batavia. School officials confirmed Hernandez did not attend the high school she threatened but rather another school in the same district. Police recovered a shotgun at the woman's home and she is facing a felony for making a terroristic threat.

Alexander credited the quick response of several people for stopping the threat, "The country is on edge, and of course, everyone is on notice, and what was remarkable in this case, is that the police department, the school district, and the community worked collaboratively together to bring this potential threat to a halt."

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gotta say No. 19290 1519526628

she goes back now. to jail


Anonymous No. 19293 1519531264

Well the only thing is, if you deport them right away, they just come back. So ideally they should serve out their prison term THEN be deported.

Mike L No. 19300 1519535599

Arrest for saying a threat..Domestic terrorist do something or she will kill Americans . Arrest now.

Mikel No. 19301 1519535728

Treat her like a mass murderer

Barry No. 19308 1519539959

Poorly written. No such word as "terroristic" (it's terrorist) and I don't know what "21 Abigail Hernandez" means.

Anonymous No. 19336 1519568433

21 and still in high school? Looks like a downy retard.

DACA=CACA No. 19360 1519595810

deport her now ….

Anonymous No. 19444 1519689485

Are we now sending illegals to high school for free education on tax payers' dime? It would explain a lot in the quality of kids being produced these days….

Anonymous No. 19546 1519818073

if Pelosi had a daughter

Daria No. 19678 1519950501

I now 1 she & her husband own a computer store. He has been arrested 3 times she invades my privacy hacks my computer send virus and the police does nothing. Imigration does nothing.So u c they are untouchable

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