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Twin Brothers, Both School Employees, Busted for Child Pornography in California

There's a shocking report about two twin brothers in California, each of whom worked for their own respective school, who now have both been arrested for the possession of child pornography.

The two twin brothers, both being coaches in the San Jose, California area, are each 47-years-old.

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Law enforcement agencies say that Clifford Pappadakis is a former teacher and cross-country coach at Willow Glen Middle School, while Clinton Pappadakis is a former off-campus track and field coach at Oak Grove High School.

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Each of the schools are located in the San Jose area, an estimated 50 miles from San Francisco.

Authorities first began investigating the case after parents of students at Willow Glen Middle School contacted the district with disturbing claims that Clifford Pappadakis was filming female students in September of 2017.

After a three-month investigation, Clifford was fired by the district on December 31st of 2017.

When police executed a search warrant at Clifford Pappadakis' residence, they secured multiple electronic devices to send to a forensics laboratory for further investigation. At that time, they discovered numerous files of prepubescent children engaged in sex acts with adults.

After speaking with parents of the students at Willow Glen Middle School, Detectives learned that Clinton Pappadakis, the brother of Clifford, may also be associated to the case.

As it turns out, Clinton Pappadakis had been reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children himself last year.

This was probable cause to execute a search warrant at the twin brother's home, where authorities would also take numerous electronic devices into evidence to be sent to the forensics laboratory for further evaluation.

Upon inspection this past Tuesday, law enforcement would discover a treasure trove of videos and images of young children being sexually assaulted by adults.

Each of the men are now facing possession of child pornography charges by the San Jose Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, according to<a href=""> Mercury News</a>.

"Just shocked and saddened," said Scott Young, head track and field coach at rival Santa Teresa High School who served with Clinton Pappadakis on the Blossom Valley Athletic League track and field committee.

"Clinton Pappadakis was a respected coach at Oak Grove High," Young said. "This is not something I thought was a possibility. It's just sad and disheartening."

Anyone with any additional information about the case against Clinton or Clifford Pappadakis should contact Detective Sgt. Brian Spears or Detective Mike O'Grady of the San Jose Police Department's ICAC/CED Unit at 408-537-1397.

Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 408-947-STOP (7867).

There's an overwhelming desire in America from parents across the nation to protect their children, whether it be from creepy would-be rapists and pedophiles, or the impending danger of school shootings, or even the indoctrination of their child in the classroom.

Now, more often than not, there's an apparently sadistic trend of pedophilia that's working inside of daycares or schools across the country, and it must be stamped out.


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Mary No. 19259 2018-02-24 : 19:46

Twin means two. Do not say two twins. You don't say two pairs meaning 2. Two pairs is four of something and a pair is two of something. Twin is two of the same, twin is one related pair.

Mary No. 19261 2018-02-24 : 19:57

I'm beginning to think our children aren't safe anywhere but home under mother's wing.

meagain No. 19263 2018-02-24 : 20:00

they need to be locked up never let out. period

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