By: Steve Dellar | 02-24-2018 | News
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Pelosi Playing ‘Texas Hold’em’ With Trump Over DACA ‘Dreamers’

Amid all the grief over the terrible events that took place in Parkland, Florida, the clock for DACA ‘Dreamers’ continues to count down till March 5th.

Seen from the ‘old continent’ where every major democracy now has some 5 or more political parties to choose from, it looks like Ms. Nancy Pelosi is ready to risk her own Democratic Party splitting up for a round of ‘Texas Hold’em’ with US President Trump. The chips on the table are nearly a million immigrants, known as the DACA ‘Dreamers’

For those of you unaware with this game, I will explain it via one of the poster boys of the Democratic Party, Mr. Matt Damon, who said in the great movie ‘Rounders’ that Texas Hold’em “is the Cadillac of poker. Each player is dealt two cards faced down, five cards are then dealt face up across the middle. These are community cards everyone can use the make the best five card hand.”

The community cards are the DACA Dreamers, make no mistake about it. The Democrats, should they be unable to make a deal, will simply blame Trump, hoping their base will forgive them. This is a mistake, their base will split as a result. It nearly did when the DNC chose Clinton over Sanders, they will not allow this a second time.

Then we get to the hands of the players, Mr. Trump and Ms. Pelosi.

Mr. Trump has a majority in the House and the Senate, a passed tax bill that has put more money in people’s pocket, a base that (with all due respect for the young DACA ‘Dreamers’) will forgive him if he fails to pass a deal on this and a 50% approval rating (higher than Obama at this point in his presidency according to Rasmussen).

Could someone inform me what Ms. Pelosi has? Please don’t say ‘hope and change’, because you are risking the future of a lot of young people.

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