By: Kyle James | 02-24-2018 | News
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US Targets NOKO Shipping With Latest Sanctions

After several weeks of political dancing between North Korea and the United States at the PyeongChang Olympics in South Korea, President Donald Trump has finally put his foot down in one of the "largest ever" set of sanctions targeting North Korea.

The move comes after Vice President Pence was snubbed by North Korea when its leader was a no-show at a scheduled meeting in PyeongChang. The President's daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, is also in South Korea for the end of the Winter Olympics.

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The US Treasury Department announced the new set of sanctions Friday in an attempt to target entities linked to North Korea's shipping and trade sectors, both of which have been illegally trading with China despite current sanctions prohibiting it.

The Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) say the latest slew of sanctions are directed at one person, 27 shipping companies, and 28 vessels. The entities listed in the sanctions include companies with headquarters in North Korea as well as companies based out of other countries including China.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry applauded the new round of sanctions saying, "New US sanctions will alert those who are illegally trading with North Korea and therefore bolster the international community to carry out resolutions from the UN Security Council."

President Trump even described the measures as "the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country." The only option left after this will be military action against North Korea.

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Anonymous No. 19211 2018-02-24 : 09:41

There's nothing left after this but to bomb the shit outta NOKO

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