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Dr. Phil Exploits Sex Slave Victim

|||Dr. Phil took initiative by shedding some light in the dark corners of elite pedophile rings by inner viewing a victim. He unraveled the sex crimes to millions of viewers across the U.S. in an interview with a former child sex slave.The former child sex slave was known as Kendall. She was repeatedly sexually abused as a young child. Kendall narrated her detailed life while growing up as a sex slave to an elite pedophile ring.It’s no surprise that high-level government officials habitually abuse children. Dr. Phil exposed the abuses by spreading awareness a platform that will reach out to many people. But did this interview result in arrests?During the interview, Kendall said that she was born to be a sex slave. She said that because her parents intentionally gave birth to her for the trafficker she called “her owner.”She revealed that her parents sold her at birth to an elite pedophile ring that serviced some of the world’s power elite.She described her first memories as being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women for them to take turns with her for sadistic sexual pleasure.Kendall managed to escape from the man she calls the owner. She said that she was forced to engage in actions that shock the conscience. Kendall said that she was forced to rape children as young as 5-years-old. She even admitted to having been forced to kill a baby by the human trafficker.Kendall revealed that kids born into sexual slavery are less upset since that is what they’ve grown to know, while kids that have been kidnapped traumatized. Dr. Phil asked Kendall how old she thinks she was when she was first raped. She said that it was long before she could talk, adding that she was used to it by the time she was 2-years-old.Surprisingly, Kendall says she doesn’t even know her actual age. Reason being that she has been a sex slave her entire life.She was trafficked around the globe to be molested and raped by the societal elites. These individuals included high-ranking law enforcement officials, major sports franchise owners, and even high-level U.S. politicians.Kendall birthed 3 kids while she was in captivity. She believes that the owner made the children be sex slaves. Some of the pedophiles that Kendall met over the years were extremely wealthy - with some even owning private islands. Could this be Epstein? She also revealed that the abusers would buy the sex slaves just to hunt them. Kendall’s most fearful memories were when the pedophiles hosted a hunting party on one of their large private plots of lands. The children were made to run and hide in fear since they were the prey to be hunted. The pedophiles would then hunt the children as they ran and hid in fear. They would then rape and torturing them when they were captured.The wicked activities that this woman describes are so disturbing that they are hard to believe. However, Dr. Phil confirmed that his team investigated Kendall’s case for four months.Dr. Phil also confirmed that his team consulted with law enforcement experts who confirmed her story. He said that he believes that she is telling the truth. But what has he really done about it? She also described how the pedophile politicians would adorn her in designer clothes, well-groomed hair and makeup to give the appearance of class and sophistication. This incident is just the latest to be implicated as being part of the elite pedophile network. Again, no names have been revealed and no arrests made. The show’s ratings were not available at the time of publication.

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