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Hillary Clinton's Testimony Over Email Controversy

Could Hillary Clinton be suffering from a case of temporary amnesia or is she a veteran liar through and through?

In a sworn statement released to the public this Thursday, Clinton said she " does not recall" ordering the destruction of emails related to State Department official business from her personal server, after she left her office in 2013.

It was the first time that Clinton was forced to answer under oath questions related to her controversial private email system. The testimony was obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative group. This was made possible after a federal judge ordered the legal camp of Clinton to give written responses to questions about her home server located in her New York house during her term as the top diplomat of the U.S.

Clinton objected to either in whole or part of 18 of the 25 questions given by the Judicial Watch. She also forwarded 8 different general objection to the process by which the questions were being asked.

Hillary in her testimony has practically become an expert on saying " does not recall" in many creative variations but actually meaning the same. Judicial Watch noted that Hillary used the " does not recall" answer at least 21 times.

There was also one glaring inconsistency in Clinton's testimony with what FBI Director earlier declared. Hillary says that she expected that all her work-related and potentially work-related emails had been turned over to the State Department when she decided that she had no reason to keep her personal emails. Comey informed the House oversight committee that thousands of work-related emails were not returned.

Clinton gave her standard reply of " does not recall" about receiving a February 2011 memo warning her of increased attempts to hack the private email accounts of senior state department officials.

When questioned whether she received a warning that using a private email account is against federal record- keeping rules, Clinton again responded that she does not recall "being advised, cautioned, or warned, she does not recall it was ever suggested to her, and she does not recall participation in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed."

Clinton said that she started using her private email for official business or communications since she was a senator from New York, and only for the sake of convenience. It should be noted, however, that being a secretary of state is different since she has access to top-level security issues both in the domestic and international fronts. Being careless with said access to sensitive information, many of which are classified, can endanger U.S. interests.

Judicial Watch said they will review Hillary's answers but did not hide their frustrations over Hillary's non-cooperation to the inquiry process by hiding behind the protective arms of legal tactics as the " does not recall" statement provides.

"Mrs. Clinton's refusal to answer many of the questions in a clear and straightforward manner further reflects disdain for the rule of law", said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

A clear sign that Hillary's trustworthiness as a leader, and more so as a potential president, is truly questionable.

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